Why is online shopping becoming popular

Why is online shopping becoming popular?

We all are guilty of splurging money while scrolling from our favorite online websites. While rummaging through the shelves of marts, standing in queues, feeling the material and texture of the item while purchasing was fun in itself, but nowadays online shopping has become the most famous form of indulgence. With just a click on your devices, you can witness a multitude of products, pick the ones you would want, and wait earnestly while they reach your doorstep. From groceries to household items, from apparel to pet supplies, you can get anything and everything on the online platform. So what is the reason for this proliferation of the popularity of online shopping? While it may be dicey to pin down one particular reason for it, but instead there is an amalgamation of many reasons why e-commerce has become so popular.

Without much ado, let’s figure out some reasons for this increment in the usage of online shopping.

1. Easy to find products

When we talk of a traditional shopping place, one cumbersome task is to locate the right product. And this difficulty increases if you are fastidious in your choices. This difficulty is put to rest in online shopping. Just navigate to your favorite website, type in the filters, and voila, you could get the product exactly suited to your needs and wants.

2. Time and energy saving

While shopping may be a cathartic process for many, but the attached chores like driving, parking, accommodating in a busy schedule can be a time and energy-depleting process. But with online shopping, you just need to accommodate a few minutes or hours maybe and good network connectivity and that pretty much is it.

3. Convenience with delivery and replacement

One of the added benefits of online shopping is the ease of delivery and replacement. After placing an order, you just have to wait for your items. In case, you are not satisfied with the product, you are omitted from the hard work of riding back to the shop, standing in a return queue, adhering to the return policies, and the likes. With online shopping, you just have to evoke a return thread and voila, the executives would come to your doorstep to collect the items that need to be replaced.

4. A wider range of options

With a plethora of online shopping sites sprouting every passing moment, users get the benefit of accessing a multitude of websites and products in a limited period. If you just search for one product on your browser, you would be meted with at least 10 searches to choose from.

5. Lucrative deals

As you get the choice to select from a variety of websites, you can pick and choose to cater to your needs. Also, to lure customers there are enticing deals offered by online websites throughout the year.

6. Wider payment options

Various online shopping sites have inculcated varied payment options to lure users. Gone are the days when shopping sites would be stringent about their payment mode, with now almost every website offering CoD, card, UPI, etc. payment options.

7. Financial inclusion

One major benefit and the overlooked perk of e-commerce is financial inclusion. Courtesy of the advanced technology utilized by shopping portals, the world has become a smaller place. They have also increased their commutation and services to include tier-II and tier-III cities and also promote digital payments in small towns and cities, which in the process increases financial inclusion.

8. Privacy

There are some products that a customer may not be comfortable purchasing publicly. This inhibition is respected by online shopping. Thanks to an e-commerce website, you can purchase items that you might not have been comfortable buying publicly.

9. 24×7 services

Malls, shopping marts, and shops may have a designated time or days of the week when they would be operational. But with online shopping, you can shop anytime all year round as per your convenience.

The aforementioned reasons are some of the factors that have accentuated the liking for online shopping. Do let us know your views in the comment section. Let’s do some Hokosoko!

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