What are Indians buying in this lockdown?

What are Indians buying in this lockdown?

India is just getting back to normal after an almost year-long lockdown. Every sector and industry is affected by the impact of this pandemic including the e-commerce segment. People were restricted to their homes, work culture shifted to homes, and there was a change in every aspect, including the buying patterns.

The traditional brick and mortar stores owing to safety protocols were asked to operate for a limited time with limited person entry and social distancing norms. This took a blow in their clientele and many people to ward off discomfort, changed their shopping pattern moving to online shopping. E-commerce proliferated and many people, including tier-2 and tier-3 cities, have become regular customers of online shopping.

So what’s exactly our countrymen are purchasing online? Let’s explore the top products people are buying online.

Apparel: Apparel is the top category when it comes to online purchases during the lockdown. Nearly 40% of all the purchase made online is regarding apparel. The summer clothing items including crop tops, Bermudas, etc. are the top picks. Also, there has been an increase in comfy clothes like track pants, t-shirts, etc. There has been one item whose sale has shown remarkable increase i.e. flip-flops. If you looking for a novel website that specializes in apparel, head to Hokosoko.

Personal grooming: With salons and beauty centers shut down in this pandemic, this segment has witnessed an increase in the purchase of personal grooming products. Epilators, trimmers, waxing strips are on the rise. Cosmetics and beauty products are also on the rise.

Work from home essentials: With people restricted to their homes, there has been a hike in the work from home essentials. Earphones and headphones, laptop tables, home printers, wi-fi routers, USB chargers, data cables, extension cords, etc. have been popular items that customers are purchasing. Even mobile equipment has been on the rise.

Household items: This sector has seen the highest surge in its purchase. Pressure cookers, roti makers, egg boilers, kitchen small and medium appliances including scissors, chopping boards, etc. have been on the rise. A reliable and trusted source for kitchen supplies and household items is Hokosoko, so do check it out.

Fitness products: Home workouts have been on the rise for theater years. However, the increase in popularity of home workout regimes can be pinned down to shutting down gyms and fitness centers. There has been an increase in fitness bands, yoga mats, and the likes.

Along with the above-listed products, the remarkable aspect of the surge in online shopping is the fact that more and more people from tier-II and tier-III cities are coming forth and active members of it. Do share your views about the blog in the comment section.

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