The 7 Best Cleaning Products for Your Health

The 7 Best Cleaning Products for Your Health

We love clean spaces right? The sweet fragrance from clean spaces fills us with joy and vigor, don’t they? Cleaning is an essential task. Not only cleaning regularly keeps your place free from pathogens but also it makes your mind stress-free. But cleaning can be a cumbersome task and can be annoying if it takes too much effort and time.
While infusing fragrant chemicals and detergents can make your place lively, but it comes with a price. As per the reports by FDA, the majority of chemical cleaners are not safe to use and take a toll on the health. Not only that, but they also make use of insoluble salts which are not very friendly to the environment.

So we present to you cleaner and better alternatives that shall help make your homes clean without compromising your health.

Healthy alternatives to chemical cleaners

Finding solutions bereft of chemicals can be a little tricky. Chemical components give a good result but unfortunately, can be harmful in the longer run. So we have collated 7 natural alternatives that you can use and be assured that they won’t take a toll on your health.

Brewed black tea

Black tea is brimming with tannic acid which does wonders. For that clean shine of your mirror, stove, or any other surface, you can simply use a strong concoction. Simply brew a pot of tea and once it cools, dab your cloth or sponge in the brew and wipe off the surfaces. Black tea will give that shine to your surface and the best part, it is safe to use.

Water and baking soda

At times, for those stubborn marks, you would require an abrasive mix. Baking soda solution comes to your rescue. The ratio of water and baking soda would vary according to the marks, but the ideal ratio is 3:1. Put this solution on the marks, let it rest for 10-15 minutes, then wipe it off.


At times, some grime and surfaces require sprays. You can make your own cleaning spray by mixing water and vinegar and putting it in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a potent agent and can be used to eradicate mold and mildew from your homes.

Citrus solutions

Many cleansing solutions advertise they use citrus agents. So why not make your own natural citrus solution? You can dip the lemon or orange peels in rubbing alcohol and thereafter strain the liquid. After a week, you can mix this filtration with vinegar or water and give a thorough cleanse to your homes.


Water is the most essential cleaning agent and nothing can top it. Water is a good solution for grime and stains which are easy to clean. Just dip your cloth or sponge in lukewarm water and you are good to go.


If you love tapestries and carpets and have infused them in your home decor, cleaning them can be a Herculean task. You can simply mix cornstarch with vinegar and make a strong solution that works wonders with carpet, upholstery, and clothing. Put this solution on the surface and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. After the time elapses, use a brush to remove the stains.

Dish soap

Although a chemical, this agent is better than your store-bought cleaning agents. Some marks and grime require soapy solutions to be removed. For all those rough and hard-to-remove marks use dish soap and vinegar and let those stains soak in them overnight. The next day, you would be able to remove it effortlessly.

So here were our top 7 healthy alternatives to chemical detergents. Do try them and let us know what you feel about it. Also, if you wish to purchase these items or other cleaning products, feel free to try Hokosoko.

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