5 Best Foldable Wardrobes in 2021

5 Best Foldable Wardrobes in 2021

With the current increase in a nomadic and consumeristic lifestyle, where people have started living out of the suitcase, foldable wardrobes have become the ideal choice. These wardrobes are portable, economical, compact, multi-functional, and easy to organize and clean. The foldable wardrobes are an amazing alternative to traditional heavy wooden and metal wardrobes and are […]

What are Indians buying in this lockdown?

What are Indians buying in this lockdown?

India is just getting back to normal after an almost year-long lockdown. Every sector and industry is affected by the impact of this pandemic including the e-commerce segment. People were restricted to their homes, work culture shifted to homes, and there was a change in every aspect, including the buying patterns. The traditional brick and […]

Home decor ideas to renovate

Home decor ideas and trends to renovate your home

Owing to the pandemic, our homes have acted as the harbor of every activity. From office to recreation spot, we all have been restricted to the vicinity of our homes since the last year. With we all cocooned at our places, it is high time we accentuate and rejuvenated the looks of our home. Given […]

Your guide to e-commerce

Your guide to e-Commerce

Starting your own e-commerce business is exciting and commendable. Starting any business, including e-commerce, requires thorough brainstorming and ideation encompassing the name, logo, framework, and a lot more. While there are a variety of e-commerce platforms to choose from or to get inspired, before plunging into this path, it is important to understand some basics […]

Why is online shopping becoming popular

Why is online shopping becoming popular?

We all are guilty of splurging money while scrolling from our favorite online websites. While rummaging through the shelves of marts, standing in queues, feeling the material and texture of the item while purchasing was fun in itself, but nowadays online shopping has become the most famous form of indulgence. With just a click on […]

Happy International yoga day 2021

Happy International Yoga Day 2021(Yoga: A tryst with your soul)

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self“. –The Bhagavad Gita With the world coming to a hiatus owing to the pandemic, well-being has become the quintessential tool for a well-balanced life. Yoga is one form of lifestyle that is essential for holistic wellness. Yoga finds its root in the […]

trending products

10 Trendy Products to Sell Online in India 2021

E-commerce has become an important segment, having cutthroat competition. The success factor of any e-commerce website depends on three parameters- product, marketing, and perseverance. While marketing and perseverance are looked after, consolidating a list of products in the catalogue can be a little tricky. To assist in your cataloguing, we have collated a list of […]