Journey of a common man to be the father of the nation, Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Journey of a common man to be the father of the nation

Mahatma Gandhi needs no introduction. This superhero is an embodiment of grit, belief, and nonviolence. His vision and methodology were instrumental in getting the independence of India and his ideology and beliefs still play a relevance in today’s time. This 2nd October would be the 152th birth anniversary of Bapu.

Mahatma Gandhi is revered all across the globe and is a beautiful epitome of how a common man if makes up his mind, can do wonders. So how exactly this barrister went on to become one of the most prominent personalities of the century?

Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in Porbandar, modern-day Gujarat, India. When he reached 18 years, he went abroad to pursue a career in law. He passed the bar exam and successfully became a barrister. Starting as a barrister, life had other plans for him. After his unsuccessful case, he sailed to South Africa where he first encountered racism. He was expelled from the first-class carriage when a white man complained about it. That incident was the nail in the coffin and resulted in the shaping of one of the most eminent personalities.

Indians in South Africa were subjected to atrocities and restricted liberty. That resulted in him formulating the Indian Congress in South Africa. He ditched traditional clothes and started dressing in white dhoti then. He adopted the means of Satyagrah to abrogate the tax levied on Indians. Though he was sent behind the bars, his stint was successful in removing the taxes.

In India, he started his ashram which became the hub of Gandharian spirituality. He adopted the path of nonviolence and civil disobedience to bring about change. The Jalianwala Bagh massacre made Gandhi taut on his intent to get India freedom. He became the face of Indian freedom. He urged students to forgo their government jobs, soldiers to leave their military positions, and citizens to abandon foreign goods. The salt taxes levied by the British led to the iconic salt march by Gandhi. This resulted in the British arresting around 60,000 civilians along with Gandhi. The salt march gained momentum and Time gave the title of Man of the year 1930 to Gandhi.

During world war II, Gandhi initiated the Quit India Movement. After the war, the new government was accepting India’s independence. Finally, India got independence in the aftermath of the partition of Pakistan resulting in bloodshed and lives. On 30 January 1948, Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse, resulting in his demise.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life is a lesson of how every ordinary man has the power to bring about change. Although it is 152 years since this man took birth, his lesson of nonviolence, resolve and chastity still are relevant in today’s time. Hokosoko wishes everyone a Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2021.

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