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10 Trendy Products to Sell Online in India 2021

E-commerce has become an important segment, having cutthroat competition. The success factor of any e-commerce website depends on three parameters- product, marketing, and perseverance. While marketing and perseverance are looked after, consolidating a list of products in the catalogue can be a little tricky. To assist in your cataloguing, we have collated a list of the top 10 products which are in demand in India to give your website an edge. Vendors and sellers can take cue from it and upgrade their catalogue to increase their gain. So if you are an e-commerce seller or vendor, take hints from it and revamp your website.

Trending products to sell in India

With a growing trend in the beauty industry, a study states that by 2024, the global nail polish industry is expected to reach $15.6 billion (ref: Grand View Research). Nail-related products are growing in demand in the younger generation owing to the hues and multi-texture it offers.

People have started becoming conscious about their health and everything is restricted to the vicinity of our homes (courtesy: the pandemic), there is a growing demand for this product. This product is easy to use, cheap and shows results. Inculcating exercise bands to your regime had shown to tone body and increase muscle strength. So this is one field that a vendor can surely explore.

Environment friendly products are on the rise and there is a proliferating interest in purchasing reusable products including water bottles. Not only are reusable water bottles easy on the pocket but also, they help you create an impact on the environment.

This product has a high profit margin and as per a study, this segment is presumed to reach $9.9 billion by 2027, incrementing by a CAGR of 4.6% (Ref: Future Market Insights). Blankets are a necessity and also have the power to spice up the decor. There are a variety of blankets in the market to choose from and as a seller, it is one item that can find a spot in your online store.

People are spending more and more time in their homes and the modern hybrid work culture is making people invest in kitchen and dining furniture. There have been 49,500 searches for the phrase kitchen furniture and 40,500 searches for dining kitchen furniture. This sect of home decor is on the rise and sellers can give it a thought.

This product witnesses a surge in demand, thanks to the WFH trend. Rugs add a cosy vibe to any area and come in a myriad of textures, materials, designs, and colors.

We all being restricted to our homes and having ample amount of time in our hands, cooking has become one activity that everyone has laid their hands on. With people experimenting with cooking trends to eating healthy and at home stuff, one tool that is required for cooking is the chopping board. In India, there has been an increase in demand for chopping boards, so this product is surely bound to give you profit.

The pandemic brought along with it additional stress and disturbance. So to keep stress and anxiety at bay, there was an increase in wellness products. One such product that has been in demand is candles. Scented candles have been in high demand in India as they are economical, aesthetically pleasing, and a good way to rejuvenate.

In recent times, people have brought home their furry friends. These furry friends require special beds, cushions, utensils, snacks, personal care, grooming products, and a lot more. You can go ahead and add a segment-exclusive for pet supplies.

A decluttered and organized place is conducive to productivity and efficiency. As the workplaces have shifted to the comforts of the home, people are investing in wardrobes to organize their space. The rise in demand of this product can be used to your advantage.

These are the top trending products in the e-commerce segment in India. You can upscale your website to include these products. If you are looking to purchase these items from a website at a high rebate percentage, you can try Hokosoko. Hokosoko specializes in these products and offers lucrative deals on them which can give you a high-profit margin. Do check out Hokosoko and give an edge to your e-commerce venture. Let’s do some Hokosoko!


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